Richard Aujard

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CHAMPIONS - Richard Aujard

Vendetta - Teaser - Richard Aujard

Question d'honneur - Teaser - Richard Aujard


Richard Aujard is a photographer and a film director born in Hasparren, France, Richard Aujard was a motocross champion at the age of 16.Passionate about photography, he becomes an assistant for the fashion magazine Vogue but starts very soon looking for some new objectives. So, he leaves France for Australia. In Sydney, he meets a band of bikers named “the Comancheros MC », and begins to work on a portfolio dedicated to the world of Moto clubs. The magazine Photo publishes this work. His meeting with the American actor Mickey Rourke is decisive. He asks Richard to move in with him in Los Angeles and helps him with his work on the bikers and the boxers. At the same time, Richard also meets the French football player Éric Cantona. He becomes their resident photographer. It is the beginning of a long artistic collaboration. Simultaneously he carries on expanding his horizons and starts living with different Indian tribes such as the Navajos, the Hopis, the Apaches…Thus he spends several months in a full immersion in some Wyoming, Dakota and Arizona Indian reserves.Richard published is first book about the « Charros » tribe in Mexico. He is asked by the French Army to realize a portrait gallery of its different sections.He also commits to the French association “Action Contre la Faim” and goes to Haïti in 2010 to testify to the ravages of the earthquake.