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Photos originales de ¨Patrick Braoudé 2013 France 2 

Patrick Braoudé : "Deauville, des souvenirs agréables en famille, une lumière incroyable"

PATRICK BRAOUDE Photographe scénariste réalisateur comédien

Patrick BRAOUDE Biography

The digital impressionist: Patrick Braoudé is a very well-known French actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. His passion is the photography since the purchase of his 1st camera at his teenage years but he decides to exhibit his photographies only few years ago. He presents his work with an illusion of painting, an "impressionist" style while retaining the snapshot of photography effects obtained without any computer work. "It's a Digital Impressionism" said his close friend and famous film producer: Claude Lelouch during the Deauville exhibition ... with a touch of timelessness. These recent photos could have been taken in the last century, but the digital gives them their modernity."As a filmmaker,I am tuned into the world around me, enjoy observing people, , I like to take time to look at the beach: groups of friends meeting for a moment of friendship, families in search of relaxation, couples of lovers who come to isolate themselves. My photos are snapshots of those "spied" lives. Characters often back, sometimes masked or backlit, unrecognizable, except for them, who may be the only ones to recognize themselves ... becoming fuzzy beings, Chinese shadows, "ghosts", sometimes even just Color tasks ... With this particular light of Normandy which gives the sea its amazing shades, from green gray to Prussian blue, to the yellow sand of a rare softness, to parasols and beach accessories colored their sunny shine ... this particular light which explains That the Impressionists came as many paintings on the Normandy Coast in the last century. Some pictures ... like the storyboard of a next film. "

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