Jef Aerosol

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Jef Aerosol Biography

Jean-François Perroy, a.k.a. Jef Aérosol, is a French stencil artist, who started street-art at beginning of the 1980’s. While he’s an English teacher during the day, he’s a stencil maker at night. He’s one of the frontrunners of the first wave of street-art, who likes to represent celebrities like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, punk singers (he was himself a punk singer in a band). Furthermore, he approaches another topic, loneliness in a very connected and constantly moving world. Jef Aérosol has painted on the walls of major cities and capitals in the world (Paris, New York, Beijing…). He uses to paint large work on wall, but also on canvas while keeping the same subjects. Jef’s pieces are always in black and white, it’s for him a way that “allows him to focus on emotion and not be distracted by color” (France culture interview). Moreover, they are recognizable thanks to the introduction of a small red arrow, unique touch of color, whose meaning remains rather mysterious even if one can think that he seeks to point a finger a very particular meaning in his work.About his major performances, we can note the event at the French embassy in Tokyo in 2010 with several French and Japanese artists. In 2011, he has created in Paris, his largest stencil of 350 m2, Chuuuttt !!! in front of the fontain of Jean Tinguely and Nikki de Saint-Phale, near to the Centre Pompidou. In 2016, his is invited to expose at the National Assembly.

Before Art Attack exhibition produced by Art Photo Expot Photo Expo in the Royal Monceau, Jef Aérsol tagged the ground and the window.