Charles Fréger

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Charles Fréger Biography

Portraits From All Around the World: Charles Fréger is a French photographer born in 1975. He tirelessly continues his “Portraits Photographiques et Uniformes” project, including a catalog of pictures of legionnaires, water polo players, English school girls, Finnish synchronized ice skaters, ex-communist scouts from Budapest, majorettes, Japanese sumo wrestlers, beauty contestants in Singapore, young Vietnamese Buddhists, Roman Corazzieri, Vatican Swiss guards, Spanish penitents, Northern Irish Orange men, and Pekinese opera singers. His portraits, although poetic, are far from psychological. There’s nothing picturesque about them either. He photographs his subjects like an entomologist pins his insects. There’s also a touch of sociology and ethnology with his inexhaustible inventories of the most extraordinarily diverse social groups, many of which are slowly becoming extinct. These archives of social bodies, in a state of mutation,¬ these families of mankind, if you like, are ¬documented on a human scale, and free of embarrassing sentimentality; they form the inventory of this 34-year-old French photographer. He is also the founder of the artistic community Piece of Cake and of the POC publishing house.