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Rencontre avec le photographe Arno Bani

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Arno Bani Biography

Arno Bani is a recognized photographer in the fashion world and performing stars.A childhood between Nice, Mali and Chatou, in the Yvelines in the wake of the mutations of his father. It is from his young age, in high school that comes to him the taste of the image. At the age of 18, as an autodidact, he decided to embark on the adventure of artistic visual expression. He stops his studies before the bac and realizes his first pictures.He became an assistant in the biggest studios of the capital. He meets the greatest. At 20 years, his destiny takes him to Sweden where he realizes fashion photos. He began to make a name outside the microcosm of Paris. Isabelle Blow, the famous English fashion editor of the Sunday Times, remarked and a fruitful collaboration was born from their meeting.In 1999, Michael Jackson, reading the Sunday Times fashion pages, stops on the pictures of Arno Bani. He wanted to meet the photographer quickly and the next day, Arno Bani is on the plane to meet the star. Arno Bani is 23 years old when he finds himself face to face with this living myth.There followed four months of work, return trips between France and the United States, and days of debates at the shooting site. Finally it will be Issy les Moulineaux. Michael Jackson gives free rein to Arno.For him, he will even cut his hair. A day of shots and some battles of sequins later, four shots are finally selected by the star. Originally, one of them was to become the cover of Invincible, Michael Jackson's latest album. But the record company decides otherwise. The photos will never come out.After this collaboration Arno is propelled to the top of the photographers. His collaboration is demanded by the greatest as the institutions of luxury and fashion like Givenchy, Cartier or Lacroix. He is also solicited by stars such as Air, David Guetta or Bob Sinclair. His images are displayed in the magazines Citizen K or Jalouse.Monica Belluci, Mélanie Thierry, Noémie Lenoir, Martin Solveig, Jean Charles de Castelbajac ...In 2010, Pierre Bergé publishes a beautiful album containing 700 photos taken by Arno Bani, by Mickael Jackson.